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Learn How to Market Your Business on Instagram, and Become the 'Go-To' Expert in Your Niche

Instagram is a minefield, and the internet is an even bigger minefield of advice. You may well have an entire folder of Instagram ebooks that you've downloaded off Pinterest, or perhaps you've wasted several hours watching webinars.

You're trying to grow your Instagram, increase your engagement, take better photos and get clients to work with you and yet all this advice (and the tips, tricks and hacks) are leaving you confused and exhausted.  You probably feel like you're spending too much time on Instagram and yet not seeing any of these 'guaranteed' results.

You don't need to take a "How to Use Instagram" course you need to know how to write captions that compel your community to comment because users that comment, are more engaged with your brand and are more likely to become your client.

Instagram for Business Level Two, follows on from Level One and teaches you the foundations for building an Instagram Marketing Strategy. Instagram is much more than just aesthetics and brand voice; now that you have learnt these in Level One and you know who you are selling to it's time to get your audience to take action and buy from you - captions, hashtags and partnerships are just three of the secrets to success that I share in this course.

Unlike many of the Instagram courses available, or the free advice and ebooks, this course teaches you the foundation of building a marketing strategy and show you how to apply it to Instagram. The learnings you will take from this course (and Level One ) will carry through to all your other marketing touch-points.

This course is for you if...

  • you've completed Instagram for Business Level One

  • you're a service based small business or retailer and are looking to gain results from Instagram (if not check out the product version)

  • you want to learn how to write captions that compel users to take action

  • you want to understand how to set goals and objectives using Instagram Insights

  • you want to build your audience without the use of 'tricks' such as follow/unfollow or automated services

  • you want to learn from a trusted marketing expert and professional tutor who has worked with hundreds of retailers, from the independent to the Global

This course is all about taking your learnings from Level One and building a marketing strategy. 

Included is my much sought-after Google Spreadsheet of 101 caption prompts, split by my four Content Pillars!

What You Will Learn

90 Day Content Planning

How to plan 90-days of content, in the same way, big brands do. I'm not talking writing captions and having images for 90-days (although that is an option) but having a clear directive of what you need to promote when, to ensure you are always building your brand, growing your audience and selling your expertise.


How to find other businesses and influencers to partner with to increase your exposure, add value to your audience and be seen as the go-to account and an expert in your realm. 

Know, Like, Trust

What it is, and how to use this fundamental marketing strategy to increase demand for your services, online courses, workshops etc. and grow an engaged audience, that buys.

Content is King

What are Content Pillars and why are they important to your audience, including the important 80:20 rule, as well as 101 caption prompts, each written with an example of how to use it, to help you get started.


How to stack them for 'passive growth' and what hashtags you shouldn't be using and why as well as why you need a brand hashtag.

Instagram Insights

How to read these, which are important and use these to monitor performance and set business objectives and KPI's.

...and how to do all of this in as little as a couple of days a month!

In Addition

  • Support

    Each chapter of the course has its own discussion thread; of which I encourage you to ask any questions you have of which I will be on hand to answer.

  • Homework

    As you work through the course there is a downloadable, printable 16-page workbook, complete with tasks that you can action.

  • Audio

    Over ninety minutes of audio support, split module by module so that you can listen on the go - a feature that has proven highly popular with past students.

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Meet Sam


Sam is the founder of Small and Mighty Co. A holistic life and business coaching practice and marketing consultancy specialising in empowering creative entrepreneurs to beat overwhelm, work smarter and live better. A certified Neuro-linguistic Programming and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Sam’s specialities include mindset, motivation, marketing and modern-day consumer behaviour. A sought after thought-leader and recognised throughout the small business industry for her savvy straight-talking advice; with regular speaking appearances at major events across the UK and features in the Metro, Telegraph and on the BBC and Channel 5 News. In addition, Sam hosts a weekly business Apple top 20 podcast "Small and Mighty Conversations".
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Meet Sam



“I would like to say a massive thank you to Sam. I completed the Instagram courses and it's changed my brand. I'm often critical, but it's increased my engagement 10 folds increased followers with a bonus of sales. This weekend I was featured by Etsy.”

Business Owner


“I wanted to celebrate a bit of a win today and give a shout out to Sam because I did her Instagram Business course and it has been amazingly helpful in getting my head around what to post and when. It has vast quantities of super valuable info in it, and it's all really easy to follow. So if you're struggling with what to post, how often and how to keep it straight (and mix it up every now and again) then Sam is the person to follow. Thank so much, Sam!”

Business Owner


“After years of using Instagram to post random photos from my life - which almost no one cared to follow - I took the Instagram for Business courses to help with the launch of a new online business. The learning curve has been steep, as my eyes have been opened not just to using social media as an effective tool for promotion, but I've also developed a better understanding of PR in general. Sam is a fab instructor, easy to reach out to, supportive and full of great advice. Thanks for all you do, Sam!”

Business Owner


Course curriculum

  • 01
    Show Content
    • What to expect
    • Downloads
  • 02
    Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail
    Show Content
    • Strategy Introduction
    • What to promote, when
    • Celebrations
    • It's all about them
  • 03
    Show Content
    • Howdy Partner
    • Added Value
  • 04
    Content First
    Show Content
    • Post with Purpose
    • Caption Ideas that Compel your Community to Comment
  • 05
    Turn Window Shoppers into VIP's
    Show Content
    • Introduction
    • KNOW
    • LIKE
    • TRUST
  • 06
    Content is King
    Show Content
    • Content Pillars
    • Connect Compel and Convert – part I
    • Connect, Compel and Convert – Part II
    • How to Legally Repost Content
  • 07
    How to Plan like a Professional Social Media Manager
    Show Content
    • Monthly, Weekly, Daily To Do's
    • The Professional Instagrammers Secret
  • 08
    The Art of the Hashtag
    Show Content
    • Hashtag Funnels
    • Creating your own brand hashtag
  • 09
    Instagram Insights
    Show Content
    • Understanding Insights
    • Setting Business Objectives
  • 10
    Show Content
    • You're almost done!


  • When does the course start?

    The content will be permanently available from 6th January 2020. It is a self-paced online course of which you have lifetime access, so you can start and finish when suits. If you purchase the bundle, not only do you save 30% (equal to getting Instagram Stories for £22!) on buying the courses individually but you can jump straight into the next course when you've finished.

  • If I have any questions, are you on hand to support?

    Yes! Unlike many online courses, I am on hand to support. Each course chapter has a discussion thread; of which I encourage you to ask any questions you have of which both myself and your fellow students will be able to troubleshoot your query. Alternatively, you can reach out to me on Instagram @samburgessuk or in the Small and Mighty Business Facebook Group.

  • I've bought other Instagram courses and have been disappointed, how is this any different?

    I am really sorry to hear that, and it's something I hear a lot (and have bought several myself to find out the tricks they guarantee to get you thousands of followers and many teach you which bots to use and the follow/unfollow method). This course will not guarantee you thousands of followers, but it will support you to build an audience that cares about what you do and will buy from you. This course is an Instagram marketing course, not a course on taking pretty photos or to teach you how to 'game' the algorithm. All my courses are filled with actionable marketing advice, gathered through years and years of experience and education. You can also take comfort that you are learning from an invested instructor and marketing professional with extensive experience of working with small businesses. I strongly recommend you take Level One before you take Level Two as you will find several references in Level Two back to the Level One content.

  • I am a busy business owner, how long will this course take to complete?

    As the course content isn't drip fed, there is no set time as it will differ from person to person. If you set aside two-three hours a week, you should be able to complete the course in six weeks.

  • I have a service and product business, which course do I take?

    Which brings in the most revenue for you, or which do you want to bring in the most revenue for you? That's the course to choose. There isn't a huge amount of difference in the two courses, just some of the languages and examples are different.

  • I'm a fellow marketeer, can I take your course?

    Absolutely! I am both touched and thrilled that you would like to take a course with me. It goes without saying that the content of this course is for your own education and none of the content or activities may be repurposed in any way for your clients or for you to work through with you clients. The course content is designed for a business owner to do themselves, if you believe your client would benefit from the content, please encourage them to enrol for themselves.

  • I've attended your How to Build Your Brand Instagram course, is there any point in me doing the online courses?

    Yes, definitely. The 'Build Your Brand on Instagram' workshop only scratches the surface in 3 hours, Instagram for Business Level One and Level Two dive much deeper into your brand, marketing and Instagram identity. I would like to think they complement each other and have had several students attend both the online and offline courses.

  • I'm worried that this course won't teach me in the way I like to learn...

    Each module has full text - if you prefer to read then that option is for you. If you prefer to listen to the audio, each module has its own 'mini-podcast' for you to download (totalling 90 minutes) and listen on the go, or read along. All my courses have a downloadable PDF printable book for you to read through and complete the tasks. However, there is no video content.

  • If I am unhappy with the course, can I have a refund?

    No, sorry. As this not a drip-fed course and contains downloadable audio content, no refunds will be given. If you're familiar with my work you will know that everything I do is with my heart and soul and the content I create is high quality. I truly believe that if you complete it in full, utilise the discussion threads and apply the learnings to your business, it will be well worth every single penny of your investment.

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