Are you an indie retailer or creative business who is:

  • finding running an Instagram account for your business, exhausting? It doesn't matter how many hours you put in you don't see more sales?

  • struggling with what to post, share on Stories and find writing captions stressful?

  • wondering why your peers and competitors are growing daily, reaching the dizzy heights of an engaged community and telling you that all their sales come from the 'gram?

  • finding that nobody comments, even when you spend ages writing a 'meaningful caption'?

  • terrified of using Instagram Stories, or just don't really 'get the point' of it?

Would you like to know the secret to turning  'window shoppers' into 'VIP shoppers'?

Having worked with well over 300 creative small businesses over the past three years, as well as having more than a decade of retail and marketing experience, I have seen every possible variation as to why businesses crumble when it comes to their content marketing, and why their Instagram doesn't convert. 

I have had clients spending up to six hours a day on Instagram but still not getting any sales - the truth is, they weren't using it for marketing, they were using it in the same way as if it were a personal account.

The sad thing is, without a marketing strategy - you don't have customers, and, without customers, you don't have a business. Many businesses fail because they don't know what to do and spend far too much time muddling through ... without a clue.

After taking my course I have had students be featured by Etsy, reached out to and subsequently stocked by Anthropologie and sell-out entire lines!

If you have ever had the fleeting thought of 'oh well, I guess my customer isn't on Instagram after all' - you are so wrong!

Not only are there over 1 billion Instagram users, but 1 in 3 UK small businesses have built their business on Instagram. Why should yours be any different?

The secrets of how to build your brand on Instagram in as little as thirty minutes a day, will not only give you back time to focus on all the other aspects of running your business, but you'll be well on the road to growing an Instagram community of loyal repeat customers, that tell their friends!


Pay once for lifetime access or spread the cost with four monthly payments

My Instagram courses are for committed product-based business owners or independent retailers:

  • who want to see a return on their time investment on Instagram

  • that are prepared to be in front of the camera and the face of their brand

  • that understand that knowledge is power, and by investing in themselves and their business they will see tangible results

  • that want repeat customers through a loyal community of followers that buy again and again

They are not for:

  • wannabe influencers, or those with the intent of being 'insta-famous.'

  • service based business owners or those without a physical product to sell (see the option for service business owners)

  • those looking for a 'quick fix' and believe using bots, buying followers or automating their Instagram is the answer

  • those who don't want to play the 'long game', work to learn and implement my tried and tested strategies


If you are a product-based business owner or independent retailer not getting the results you need from Instagram, trust me that your customer IS on Instagram, and they WANT to spend money with you, but they just can’t FIND YOU.

Meet Your Tutor


Sam Burgess is the founder of Small and Mighty Co. A transformational business + life coaching business and marketing consultancy specifically for small (and mighty) businesses. Sam is a leading expert in content marketing, mindset and modern-day consumer behaviour with a career spanning over 15 years in the industry, with features on the BBC and Channel5 News. In addition to consulting, Sam is the host of an iTunes top 20 business podcast "Small and Mighty Conversations" celebrating the small business owner and creative entrepreneur. Sam is a sought-after marketing thought-leader and public speaker, with appearances at several of UK and Europe's largest tradeshows, including Pure, Pulse, Top Drawer, Bubble and MODA.
Meet Your Tutor

Instagram for Business | Level One

You'll Learn

  • Set Up For Success | The essential steps to ensure your account is discoverable by other users, many of which are completely overlooked

  • Magazine not Catalogue | In this chunky module, there are a series of exercises for you to work through to help you to style images that don't take hours, require no fancy software or even a special camera

  • Brand Mission, Voice & Values | If your customer can identify with your values, they will be a customer for life.

  • Define Your Dream Customer | Who are they? Where are they? What makes them buy!

Instagram for Business | Level Two

You'll Learn

  • 90 Day Content Planning | Work like the big brands and free up your time for other parts of your business

  • Partnerships | How to find other businesses and influencers to partner with to increase your exposure, add value to your audience and be seen as the go-to account

  • Know, Like, Trust | What it is, and how to use this fundamental marketing strategy to increase demand for your products and grow an engaged audience, that buys

  • Content Pillars | What are these marketing must-haves and how to use these to elevate your business and sell your products

  • Hashtags | How to stack them for 'passive growth' and what hashtags you shouldn't be using and why as well as why you need a brand hashtag

  • Instagram Insights | How to read these, which are important and use these to monitor performance and set business objectives and KPI's

Instagram for Business | Instagram Stories

You'll Learn

  • Create, Engage | How to use a mix of apps and Instagram in-app tools to brand your Stories

  • Why Instagram Stories hasn't worked so far, and how to change that

  • Focus-Group | How to Use Instagram Stories as a customer focus-group to improve your product-range

  • The Storyboard Method | How to plan your Stories and retain your viewers

  • Discoverability | How to reach a new audience using my methods

  • Growth | How to sell, build your mailing list and much more using a mix of Stories and Direct Message

In Addition

  • Lifetime Access

    Dip in and out and learn at your own pace, or revisit as your business grows

  • Multi-Media Learning

    Over 150 minutes of downloadable audio support, 60 minutes of video content and full text, so you can learn in the way you want to.

  • Personal Support

    Each chapter of each course has its own discussion thread; of which I encourage you to ask any questions you have of which I will be personally, be on hand to answer.

  • Homework

    Each course has its own workbook - totalling 53 pages! With tasks and takeaways to help you implement your learning.

  • 101-Caption Prompts

    Inside Level Two there are my much sought after 101-Caption Prompts with real-life examples using my fictional company 'Mutts & Moggies', calls-to-action and additional content suggestions. You will never struggle for a caption ever again.

Alumni Reviews

Happy Students

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Sam. I completed the Instagram courses and it's changed my brand. I'm often critical, but it's increased my engagement 10 folds increased followers with a bonus of sales. This weekend I was featured by Etsy.”

Vanessa Agyemang


“Sam, your [Instagram for Business] course is fascinating. In thirty squares I am able to clearly track the progress of my term. Even though I have just scratched the surface of what your course offers, the fact that my posts already appear calmer, more considered and go some way to achieving the poetic flow I am striving for is a testament to what I have learned from you. It is a pleasure to follow your clear, intelligent, challenging and thought-provoking Instagram course.”

Ali Mackie

“I wanted to celebrate a bit of a win today and give a shout out to Sam because I did her Instagram Business course and it has been amazingly helpful in getting my head around what to post and when. It has vast quantities of super valuable info in it, and it's all really easy to follow. So if you're struggling with what to post, how often and how to keep it straight (and mix it up every now and again) then Sam is the person to follow. Thank so much, Sam!”

Clare Freemantle


Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the course start?

    Immediately! On enrolment you have access to all three self-paced online courses of which you have lifetime access, so you can start and finish when suits.

  • If I have any questions, are you on hand to support?

    Yes! Unlike many online courses, I am on hand to support. Each course chapter has a discussion thread; of which I encourage you to ask any questions you have of which both myself and your fellow students will be able to troubleshoot your query.

  • I've bought other Instagram courses and have been disappointed, how is this any different?

    I am really sorry to hear that, and it's something I hear a lot (and have bought several myself to find out the tricks they guarantee to get you thousands of followers and many teach you which bots to use and the follow/unfollow method). This course will not guarantee you thousands of followers, but it will support you to build an audience that cares about what you do and will buy from you. This course is an Instagram marketing course, not a course on taking pretty photos or to teach you how to 'game' the algorithm. All my courses are filled with actionable marketing advice, gathered through years and years of experience and education. You can also take comfort that you are learning from an invested instructor and marketing professional with extensive experience of working with small businesses and retailers.

  • I am a busy business owner, how long will this course take to complete?

    As the course content isn't drip-fed, there is no set time as it will differ from person to person. If you set aside two-three hours a week, you should be able to complete the entire bundle in around twelve weeks.

  • I have a service and product business, which course bundle should I enrol in?

    Which brings in the most revenue for you, or which do you want to bring in the most revenue for you? That's the course to choose. There isn't a huge amount of difference in the two courses, just some of the language and examples are different.

  • I'm a fellow marketeer, can I take your course?

    Absolutely! I am both touched and thrilled that you would like to take a course with me. It goes without saying that the content of this course is for your own education and none of the content or activities may be repurposed in any way for your clients or for you to work through with you clients. The course content is designed for a business owner to do themselves, if you believe your client would benefit from the content, please encourage them to enrol for themselves.

  • I've attended your How to Build Your Brand Instagram course, is there any point in me doing the online courses?

    Yes, definitely. The 'Build Your Brand on Instagram' workshop only scratches the surface in 3 hours, Instagram for Business Level One and Level Two dive much deeper into your brand, marketing and Instagram identity. I would like to think they complement each other and have had several students attend both the online and offline courses.

  • I'm worried that this course won't teach me in the way I like to learn...

    Each module has full text - if you prefer to read then that option is for you. If you prefer to listen to the audio (level one and two), each module has its own 'mini-podcast' for you to download (over 150 minutes worth) and listen on the go, or read along. All my courses have a downloadable PDF ebook for you to read through and complete the tasks. Instagram Stories is a mix of demo videos and text.

  • If I am unhappy with the courses, can I have a refund?

    No, sorry. As they are not drip-fed and contain downloadable audio content, no refunds will be given. If you're familiar with my work you will know that everything I do is with my heart and soul and the content I create is high quality. I truly believe that if you complete it in full, utilise the discussion threads and apply the learnings to your business, it will be well worth every single penny of your investment.

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